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At That Time We Were Without Christ

“At that time ye were without Christ… having no hope, and without God in the world”. (Eph 2:12).

The people living in Galilee had everything in plenty. It was a fertile country. It was regarded at that time as a land of plenty. They had very good water, plenty of fruits, and corn and fish. As far as their earthly needs were concerned they had no lack. In spite of all this, there were people among them suffering from all kinds of diseases. Decapolis means ‘a group of ten cities’. It was about 80 miles from the river Jordan. These ten cities lay in a large valley. They had very grand buildings, for this was a district of beauty and luxury, with many activities intended to bring comfort and pleasure to the people. In spite of all this, these people were unhappy, and they also came to the Lord Jesus.

Jerusalem was the center of religion. The temple was there. There were to be found the High Priest and many Levites who served in the Temple. There were prophets to give messages from God to the people. The people of Jerusalem could boast of their Temple. Their prophets and their forefathers but they were blind spiritually. Our Lord drew people from all directions. That is why we find that, as the people heard of the fame of our Lord, they came to Him from different places right from Decapolis to Jordan. What was their state? They were all like food without salt, They had no real joy in their hearts or in their lives. They were absolutely useless. Without Christ in our lives everything in this world is useless.

___By Vivek Anand

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