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People With God Shall Not Perish

“Behold, All they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded; they shall be as nothing: and they that strive with thee shall perish.” (Isa. 41:11).


As human beings, we are full of fears and have to face many hard obstacles in our Christian path. Every fear or difficulty appears like a mountain, whether we receive it as a temptation, a trail or a suffering, but the promise is in v. 16 “Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away.” Every obstacle, however hard, can be fully overcome by the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Weak believers become mighty, by claiming God’s promises they go on conquering every obstacle in their life.

The disciples were threatened by the High Priest and high powers, but as they prayed, the place was shaken(Acts. 4:31-33). They were few in number, but as they depended upon God to help them, and prayed, their prayer shook the world. All the beauty and the glory of Jesus can be seen in a believer who is prepared to be possessed by God.

Isa. 42:16. Now the blind cannot find their way, but here the Lord is saying, to those who are blind spiritually, “I will lead you by a way that you do not know. Let me lead you and you will find your way”. It is a wonderful experience to be able to hold God’s hand and walk safely everywhere. In life, there are many experiences in which God shows you the way in a wonderful way. In your life, there may be many hard situations and you feel puzzled. You don’t know what to decide. Call upon the Lord and say: “Lord, you promised to lead me and show me the way”, and suddenly you will find light shining on your path. By simple faith take hold of Him.

Psalms(కీర్తనల గ్రంథము) 34:4,5,6,7,8,9,10

4.నేను యెహోవాయొద్ద విచారణచేయగా ఆయన నాకుత్తరమిచ్చెను నాకు కలిగిన భయములన్నిటిలోనుండి ఆయన నన్ను తప్పించెను.
5.వారు ఆయనతట్టు చూడగా వారికి వెలుగు కలిగెను వారి ముఖము లెన్నడును లజ్జింపకపోవును.
6.ఈ దీనుడు మొఱ్ఱపెట్టగా యెహోవా ఆలకించెను అతని శ్రమలన్నిటిలోనుండి అతని రక్షించెను.
7.యెహోవాయందు భయభక్తులు గలవారి చుట్టు ఆయనదూత కావలియుండి వారిని రక్షించును
8.యెహోవా ఉత్తముడని రుచి చూచి తెలిసికొనుడి ఆయనను ఆశ్రయించు నరుడు ధన్యుడు.
9.యెహోవా భక్తులారా, ఆయనయందు భయభక్తులు ఉంచుడి. ఆయనయందు భయభక్తులు ఉంచువానికి ఏమియు కొదువలేదు.
10.సింహపు పిల్లలు లేమిగలవై ఆకలిగొనును యెహోవాను ఆశ్రయించువారికి ఏ మేలు కొదువయై యుండదు.

God bless you

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