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Jesus Is Our Friend

Jesus Is Our Friend 

“Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth, but I have called you friends”. ( John 15:15).

John 15:15

The Lord wants us to enjoy His friendship and to share His secrets just as two friends who are very close to each other are able to share each other’s secrets. To be able to do this we must learn to speak to Him freely and hear His voice clearly every day. We must be led by Him in every detail of our life. If day by day we spend our quite time prayerfully we will find the Lord Jesus Christ speaking to us from His Word, and showing us many secret things, which are hidden from the wise and prudent. But to gain friendship our response to Him must be a true one.

Now in chapter 14, God revealed Himself to Abraham for the fourth time, this time in Melchizedek as a type. At that time Abraham was returning from fighting and defeating the enemies of the King of Sodom. Abraham rescued Lot and his family and his goods and the people with him ( V 16). At the same time, he rescued the King of Sodom and his men. The king of Sodom was extremely thankful to Abraham for rescuing his men and all his property. He came to Abraham and said generously: “Give me the persons and take the goods to yourself.” This could have been a very big temptation to Abraham but God had prepared him for it when he spoke to him through Melchizedek.

__By Vivek Anand 

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